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Roller Mill Machine

What is a roller mill?

The roller mill machine is a kind of grinding equipment, which is usually used for getting coarse power. Roller mill equipment includes many different types. For example, if your requirement for the finished product fineness is not too high, the vertical roller mill is the good choice for you. But if you need lower fineness of final product, we have Raymond type rolling mill machine for your selection. Of course, if your requirement for fineness is higher, we will recommend you the micro powder roller mill for sale or ultrafine vertical mill equipment.

Our rolling mill for sale can grind more than 100 kinds of materials, such as, calcium carbonate, marble, dolomite, calcite, limestone, etc. It is suitable for chemical, building materials, metallurgy, refractory, pharmaceutical, cement and other industries of good grinding equipment. If you want to learn more information, you can continue to look through this article!

daswell roller mill machine for sale
Raymond type roller mill

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daswell micro powder roller mill
micro powder roll mill

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Flow chart and Features

Here are a flow chart of the mill roller. You can learn about its structure and the working principle. Usually, the electric roller mills for sale consists of main engine, analyser, fan, finished cyclone separator, duct and so on.

  1. High productivity, less energy consumption compared with traditional Raymond mill.
  2. The blower is centrifugal type, producing bigger air volume and air pressure, enhances pneumatic conveying capacity greatly.
  3. The blade is made of wear-resistance alloy steel. Bigger blade is adopted to convey more materials to gaps of roller and mill, making the grinding faster.
  4. New roller device: Roller adopts new developed maintenance-free structure. The sealing is reliable. Its bearing adopts grease lubrication. So the oil consumption and maintenance cost is very low.
daswell Raymond roller mill
daswell Raymond rolling mill

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Model DR-1280 DR-1300 DR-1500 DR-1700 DR-1900 DR-2000
Roller number(piece) 3 4 4 5 5 5
Ring inner diameter(mm) Φ1175 Φ1270 Φ1500 Φ1700 Φ1900 Φ2000
Max. Feeding size(mm) 20 30 30 30 40 40
Fineness(μm) 25-180 38-180 38-180 38-180 38-180 38-180
Capacity(t/h) 2-15 2-9 3-13 6-25 10-30 15-45

Micro powder roller mill machine

For getting micro powder, like 10 micron, we have 21 roller and 28 three roll mill. Of course, they also have their own features.

  1. Special designed raw material distributing plate upper the first layer of the rollers, to distribute the raw material very evenly.
  2. Off-line clear dust in dust catcher, longer life bag, and more efficient to clear out. All parts and electric parts of the dust catcher is upper quality.
  3. All anti-wearing parts, produced by ourselves. And all wearing parts which need casting, casted in our own casting factory with secrete formula, and heat treatment 5 times. All heat treatment done by themselves with advanced 5 heat treating machines.
daswell micro powder roll mill
micro powder roller mill
daswell micro powder roll grinding mill
work in site

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Model DR-86 DR-198
Roller number(pc) 21 28
Max. Input size(mm) 10 10
Max. Moisture of feed material 3% 3%
Product fineness(μm) 3.5-4.5 5-50
Capacity(t) 0.5-4 0.8-7
Power Main motor 75 132
Classifier 18.5-22 30
Blower 45-55 55-75
Feeder 1.5-3 1.5-3
Discharge screw conveyor 3 3
Air consumption(m3) 1.5-2 2
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 12000×3100×5900 14000×3800×6200

How to improve the working efficiency of the roller miller?

The working efficiency of the grinding roller mill has an effect on your work schedule. And it also can impact on your benefits. So how to guarantee, evenly improve the working efficiency of the roller mill machine.

In the period of using the small roller mill for sale, the most important thing is that the operator should use the machine strictly according to the operating instructions. Specifically, the operator needs to keep the feed size and the output in a uniform state. If the feed is too much or the material humidity is too high, the working efficiency of the machine will be seriously affected. Moreover, when you purchase the three roller grinding mill, you’d better to select a right model. If you have no idea, maybe you can consult your trusted expert.

Our Daswell Machinery is willing to give you more professional advice about how to buy a suitable mini rolling mill.

daswell roll mill
daswell mineral roll mill

daswell mineral rolling mill
mineral roll rinding mill

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How a roller mill works?

The roller mill working principle is easy to learn.

After the material is ground, the fan blows the wind into the machine shell. Then the air classifier above the grinding chamber separates these blew up powder . Materials that are too coarse will fall into the grinding chamber for regrinding. Materials with the fineness in accordance with specifications will enter the cyclone collector with the wind flow. The collected material will be discharged through the powder outlet, that is, the finished product.

Our company is located in China. If you are convenient, we are glad to invite you visit our factory. You can learn how our workers produce and inspect this product. They will also explain it to you in detail.

daswell rolling grinding mill
mineral roller mill machine

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Enjoy the superior after-sale service from Daswell

We all know that there are a lot of roller mill manufacturers on the market. Looking for a trusted manufacturer is a important for customers. So how to judge whether a roller mill manufacturer is trustworthy? An important criterion is their service attitude and service content.

transport roller mill machine
rolling mill machine
transport roller mill
transport to Africa

transport roll grinding mill
transport rolling mill
transport to Africa

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Whether you are a new customer or a regular customer, we will provide you with the mos considerate service if you choose our Daswell company. After receiving your message, our salesman will contact you as soon as possible. Before and during sale, they can show you around our production factory and can help you pick up a suitable model of automatic roller mill. No matter what question you have, you can consult them at any time.

After you receiving our electric rolling mill, they will arrange for our engineers to help you install and debug the machine. In addition, we also provide you with training service and maintenance service. Regular maintenance will help you save your repairment cost. After you have used our roller mills for some time, our salesman will make a return visit and listen to your comments on our products and service.

Welcome to inquiry for our roller mill machine if you are interested!

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