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Export Daswell BMM4-15 Hollow Block Machine To India

Few months ago, our Daswell Machinery exported s set of BMM4-15 hollow block manufacturing machine to India. The BMM series brick block making machines are the hot sale product. They are transported to many countries, such as, India, Philippines, Mexico, etc.

According to the feedback of our customer, our hollow brick block making machine has the features of stable performance, high working efficiency, easy operation, low failure rate and so on. It can produce different sizes and shape of bricks as long as the operator change its moulds. These different bricks plays an important role on the building construction, garden construction and so on.

QT4-15 transport hollow brick maker
QT4-15 transport to India

QT4-15 transport hollow block machine
QT4-15 transport the hollow block machine

QT4-15 hollow block maker
Model BMM4-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 720-960
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 5930-6720
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4600
Pallet Size(mm) 1020×570
Exciting Force(KN) 55
Overall Power(KW) 27.5

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Other specifications of the Daswell brick block machine

Our BMM series brick making plant includes BMM4-15, BMM5-15, BMM6-15, BMM8-15, BMM10-15 and BMM12-15. Here are the detailed parameters for your reference. Or you can learn more information by consulting us.

QT5-15 hollow maker machine
Model BMM5-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 900-1200
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 7680-8800
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 1100×570
Exciting Force(KN) 60
Overall Power(KW) 32

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QT6-15 hollow manufacturing plant
Model BMM6-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1080-1440
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 7680-8861
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 16
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 4500-5100
Pallet Size(mm) 900×700
Exciting Force(KN) 65
Overall Power(KW) 28

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QT8-15 hollow block maker machine
Model BMM8-15
Capacity(for 390×190×190mm hollow block)(pcs/h) 1200-1600
Capacity(for 240×115×53mm solid brick)(pcs/h) 9000-10000
Reated Pressure(Mpa) 21
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration
Vibration Frequency(rpm) 2800-4500
Pallet Size(mm) 950×900
Exciting Force(KN) 85
Overall Power(KW) 51

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