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Concrete Pumping Machine

Concrete pumping machine plays an important role on the modern construction industry with the development of the economy. Because more and more projects need to use the concrete, the concrete pump india becomes more vital. The main function of the concrete pump in india is to transport your concrete to your specific site. Our concrete pump for sale is widely used in the road construction, building construction, factory construction, tunnel project and so on. When your project site is in the narrow area, it is very convenient to use the concrete pump machine to convey the concrete. Of course, choosing a high-quality cement concrete pump is equally crucial.

DHBT40 concrete pumping machine
concrete mixer pump in the working site

DHBT40 concrete pump india
our Daswell concrete pump and customer

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Types and models of concrete pumping machine

Cement pumping equipment is a general term for all different pumps. It actually includes a variety of types and models. You can pick up the suitable type according to your actual needs.

According to its function, we have concrete mixer with pump and concrete trailer pump for sale. The concrete mixer with pump can realize the function of mixing  and transporting the concrete in one machine. DMP series is the hot sale models, When you just need machine to convey your concrete, the concrete trailer pump is a suitable pump for you.

According to its driven engine, there are diesel engine cement pumping machine and electric motor cement pump for sale for your choice. CPD series diesel engine pump mainly takes the diesel engine as its power. CPE series electric motor concrete pump for sell is ore suitable for those areas that have plenty of electricity.

Of course, besides these pumps, our concrete pumping business for sale also includes concrete boom pump, small concrete pump for sale, concrete pump truck, etc. We believe that you can purchase a satisfied concrete pumping equipment for sale from our Daswell company.

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How far can concrete be pumped

When you want to pick up a suitable model of concrete pump for sale in india, you should pay more attention to its parameters. You can research the information about the concrete pumping machine in india online or offline. And then, you should look at the parameter table of the concrete pumping sales and equipment carefully.

Among these parameters, there are two things you should notice. One is its pumping capacity. This will determine the volume of the transporting concrete. For example, the pumping capacity of our trailer concrete pump can ranges from 20m3/h to 90m3/h. Whether the size of your project is small or large, you can select a suitable concrete pumping equipment.

The other is the max. pumping distance including horizontal distance and vertical distance. If you want to know how far your concrete can be pumped, this is an important reference index.

Welcome to contact us to get the detailed parameter table of concrete pump for sale if you want to know more.

DHBT40 cement pumping machine
cement mixing pump for factory construction
diesel engine mixer pump

Parameter Unit DMP40


kw Weichai diesel engine; 66kw
Whole machine Length mm 4500
Width mm 1850
Height mm 1950
Weight kg 4000
Mixer Mixer model / JZM450
Theoretical mixing capacity m3/h 15-25
Maximum aggregate size mm 40
Working cycle time s 72
Feeding height mm 1400
Hopper capacity m3 0.65
Pumping system Theoretical pumping capacity m3/h 30
Theoretical pumping pressure MPa 8
Delivery cylinder / 200*800
Hydraulic system / Open
Distribution valve / S valve
System pressure MPa 28
Delivery pipe diameter mm 125

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HBT40 concrete pumping equipment
cement pumping machine for road construction
electric motor mixing pump

Parameter Unit EMP40


kw 45
Whole machine Length mm 4250
Width mm 2100
Height mm 2700
Weight kg 4000
Mixer Mixer model / JZM450
Theoretical mixing capacity m3/h 15-25
Maximum aggregate size mm 40
Working cycle time s 72
Feeding height mm 1400
Hopper capacity m3 0.65
Pumping system Theoretical pumping capacity m3/h 40
Theoretical pumping pressure MPa 8
Delivery cylinder / 200*800
Hydraulic system / Open
Distribution valve / S valve
System pressure MPa 28
Delivery pipe diameter mm 125

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Components of the concrete pump

Learning the composition of the concrete pumping machine is also vital because when you need to change some vulnerable parts, you can find their position quickly. Quick changing the parts can shorten the downtime and reduce your loss.

For a cement pump, there are some important spare parts, including wear plate, S tube, cutting ring, mixing blade, tilt cylinder, piston, hopper, grease separator, the delivery cylinder, pipe, hose, solenoid valve, etc. When you purchase the concrete pumping business, you also need to keep some wearing parts in stock. It is convenient for you to change the parts when there is something wrong with the cement pumping machine.

In addition, our salesman will also teach you some maintenance methods. As soon as you can maintain the concrete pumping equipment regularly, it can help you save some maintenance costs.

spare part of concrete pump
spare part of pumping machine

control cpanel of concrete pump india
the pipelines of cement pump

electrical-part of pump
hydraulic system

How much does concrete pumping cost

The concrete pump machine price depends on many factors, such as, brands, types and models, manufacturers, etc. If you wan to find a favorable concrete pump india price, you should consider these factors comprehensively.

First of all, you should choose the reliable concrete pump manufacturers. You should know whether the concrete pump supplier you choose is an agent. If the manufacturer doesn’t have its own production factory, its concrete pump price in india is slightly high because of the agency fees. So you’d better to choose a supplier that has its own factory.

Then pick up a suitable type and size of concrete pumping machine for sale. The type and size has an important impact on the concrete pump cost. Of course, the price of large size concrete pump india is slightly higher than small size pump price. Finally, look at the brands of their components. High-quality components can not only increase the service life of the cement pumping machine, but also reduce your maintenance costs.

CPD30 concrete pumping machine
CPD30 internal layout
internal structure

Item CPD30
Max. Theoretic Delivery Volume(m3/h) 30
Power Type Diesel engine
Power(kw) 62
Engine Brand CUMMINS
Hydraulic System Type Open
Distribution Valve S valve
Hopper Capacity(L) 600
Feeding Height() 1400
Mail Oil Pump(ml/r) 112

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CPD40 cement concrete pump
hopper of concrete pumping business
hopper of trailer pump

Item CPD40-10-66
 Max. theoretical concrete output capacity (m3/h) 35
Total power (kw) 66 Weichai engine
Max. aggregate size (mm) 40
Outlet pressure (MPa) 10
Concrete delivery cylinder diameter*stroke  (mm) Φ230*800
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.5
Delivery pipe diameter (mm) Φ125
Concrete slump 160~220
Overall dimension (mm) 4500×1850×1750
Total weight (kg) 3400

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CPD60 concrete pumping machine
CPD60 transport it to abroad
transport it to abroad

Item CPD60-13-130
Max. theoretical concrete output capacity (m3/h) 81/59
Total power (kw) 130 Weichai engine
Max. aggregate size (mm) 40
Outlet pressure (MPa) 9/13
Concrete delivery cylinder diameter*stroke  (mm) Φ200*1800
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.8
Delivery pipe diameter (mm) Φ125
Concrete slump 160~220
Overall dimension (mm) 6300×2100×2350
Total weight (kg) 6300

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How to operate a concrete pump

Correct operation is important for guaranteeing the pumping efficiency of the concrete pumping machine. So before operating the concrete pumping equipment, the operator should learn how to correctly and safely use the concrete pump machine.

Because our Daswell cement pump for sale adopts advanced technology and control system, it is easy to operate it. If you don’t know the concrete pumping business at all, it doesn’t matter. Our engineers will be responsible for training your operators until they can use it on their own. Moreover, when we transport our cement concrete pump to our customers, we all send them the related operational guidance. If you have any problems in the period of using our concrete pumping machine, you can contact us at any time. Our engineers will do their best to help you solve your problems.

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