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Calcium Carbonate Coating Machine

The calcium carbonate coating machine is also called vortex mill coating machine. This new type coating machine with classifier is the most advanced coating solution for calcium carbonate now in China. So why do the materials need to be modified? When do you need to use a calcium carbonate coating process? As you know, the mineral powder is modified, greatly improving the compatibility between inorganic mineral filler and organic polymer, and increasing the mechanical strength and comprehensive properties of the material. Moreover, it can greatly increase the filling quantity of powder and reduce the cost. If you need a coated calcium carbonate machine, you can learn more information by this article.

UCOAT 750 coating machine
UCOAT 750 calcium carbonate coating line

daswell calcium carbonate coating system
UCOAT 750 calcium carbonate modification machine

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  1. The calcium carbonate powder making machineand classifier work as a closed recycling system like the ball mill system, at the same time, the calcium carbonate powder surface coating machine could grind the bigger size which coming back from the classifier to make the coating rate much better.
  2. Big productivity with low power consumption, closed working system to keep the heat energy inside the system recycling to save power.
  3. With less stearic acid consumption, to get better result, the coating rate could reach 99%.
  4. All closed working system, no dust flying out to protect the environment.
  5. The core rotating wheel material coming from Germany (the line speed could reach 115m/s), with very high quality and wear-resisting.
  6. Our calcium carbonate coating machine for saleis suitable for industrial production of all sizes because of its continuous operation and large processing capacity.
  7. Besides these features, our powder coating machine for calcium carbonatealso is stable performance, high working efficiency, simple operation, low labor intensity, high return on investment, etc.

complete set of coating machine
complete set of modification machine

complete set of coating process
complete coating line
complete set of calcium carbonate coating line
Daswell coating machine in Egypt

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Model Max. Capacity(t/h) Coating Powder Size(μm) 10μm GCC(t/h) Coating Rate(%)
UCOAT 750 3 5-23 2.8-3.0 >98
UCOAT 1000 6 5-23 4.5-5.0 >98

Why should you invest in our Daswell coating machine?

The calcium carbonate coating equipment is one of those investments that will continue to generate results for a long time to come. You are going to notice a significant change in how business is done and what you required for the coating process. This is why it is time to take a look at the pluses of going down this path and why it is a must to think about buying a calcium carbonate modification machine. You can consider investing in our Daswell calcium carbonate surface modification machine.

Our Daswell coating system for calcium carbonate is high quality and is the professional-grade machine. When our salesman helps our customers design their mineral processing solution, they can pay more attention to the service life and performance of the machine. Our customers can obtain great profits due to its long life span and low failure rate.

Our calcium carbonate coating line has strong adaptability. The goal of our company is to have something that offers multiple settings and can be adjusted based on what the setup demands. This is going to vary based on what the business needs and that is the beauty of a top-quality vortex mill coating machine.

transport coating machine
transport the calcium carbonate machine

transport to Egypt
transport the coating machine
transport the coating process
transport to Egypt

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Application and development of the calcium carbonate coating machine

The calcium carbonate coating system is the inevitable product of modern high technology and new material development. This coating machine is widely used in the industries of nonmetallic mineral fillers, plastics, rubber, binders and other modern polymer materials, polymer matrix composites, functional materials and coatings and other industries. It also is the important machinery for the mineral processing solution.

You can find many calcium carbonate coating process manufacturers on the market. So you can get a satisfied machine from abroad. Through the continuous research and improvement of our engineers, our coating machine for calcium carbonate adopts advanced technology and is equipped with good quality of spare parts. You don’t worry about its quality at all. We will inspect our machine before transporting it to our customers. We guarantee that our customers will get their machinery in a good condition.

flow chart of calcium carbonate coating process
the good coating system
the coating system
control system of modification machine
control system

pack the finished product
pack the finished product
finished product of coating equipment
its finished product

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Correctly operate the calcium carbonate coating process

Before buying a brand-new calcium carbonate powder coating machine, it’s important to understand how it functions. Here are the steps involved in running a calcium carbonate surface modification machine and understanding how it works for your setup.

First of all, you should begin with the raw materials. This has to include the calcium carbonate powder that is going to be used. It’s best to have this material ready for the machine, so it can be put in seamlessly as the machine begins to operate. Then, add stearic acid and GCC. It has to be a controlled amount based on what the project entails. These details can be controlled by the operator. The machine will function at an appropriate speed to make sure it mixes the materials correctly.

Finally, establish customize settings. The beauty of being able to use a solution such as this has to do with the customization. The customization tends to include the amount that’s being processed and the size of each cut. This will vary depending on how the machine is being used and is dependent upon the business.

Do you want to get a higher quality of calcium carbonate coating machine at a competitive powder coating machine price in india? Please don’t hesitate to choose our Daswell Machinery. Welcome to leave your message here.

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