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Ball mill grinder for sale is the hot type mineral processing equipment. In recent years, ground calcium carbonate is in great demand by various industries worldwide. If you need to grind calcium carbonate, there are several different mill types that can be used. With that said, the ball mill grinding media would likely be the good choice for you. The ball mill for sale is an essential piece of equipment in a calcium carbonate plant as it is capable of grinding calcium carbonate in great quantities. Together with a classifier, it is a cost-efficient, reliable and durable way to produce fine and ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder.

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Advantages of ball mill

  1. Perfectly match by the high efficiency grinding and primary or secondary classifier.
  2. High percentage of fine powder, more specific surface area, round and evenly distributed product shape.
  3. You can get product size with 3.5-23μm with our design.
  4. Big productivity to 200,000 ton/year for single plant. Whether the size of your construction project is large or small, you all can pick up a suitable production capacity of ball mill india. Of course, our salesman can provide you with good consultation service.
  5. Very stable working system, with automatic control, very low maintenance cost.
  6. Long life span. You should pay more attention to the life span of your ball mill sale. The high-quality of our ball mill machinecan not only increase its service life, but also reduce its failure rate.
daswell ball grinding machine
Daswell ball milling machine

daswell ball mill for grinding calcium carbonate
daswell ball mill grinder for sale

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daswell ball mill sale

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Tips for buying a right ball mill grinder for sale

There are ball mill manufacturers on the market. In case you have no idea how to select the right ball mill equipment from a good ball mill supplier, here are some pointers that will help.

One is that only buy from ball mill manufacturers in india and vendors who have a good reputation. There is something very wrong with settling for less when it comes to making a purchase of this magnitude. This is not as simple as going into a convenience store and buying a snack; this is a major purchase. If you are unable to find any proof that the ball mill manufacturer you are planning to buy from have a great reputation, you should rethink your decision to do business with them.

The other is that you should select a suitable ball milling machine with your affordable ball mill price in india. The demand of your projects are very important. Moreover, you also need to think about the ball mill price, namely your budget. Although there are a lot of factors affecting the ball milling machine price, you can get a favorable quotation from a trusted ball mills manufacturer. In addition, the trusted ball mill grinder manufacturer also can offer you thoughtful service.

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Application of ball mill

A ball mill grinder for sale is capable of grinding raw material to particle sizes from medium to fine. However, to meet customer needs, the ball grinding machine must work in conjunction with a primary and sometimes secondary classifier to consistently produce a fine and ultra-fine powder. The fine calcium powder will be transferred to a silo by the airflow in the classifier. A ball mill for grinding calcium carbonate and classifying calcium carbonate production line is essential in order to consistently produce fine or ultra-fine particles of calcium carbonate powder in large quantities.

By the flow of ultrafine ball mill media + ultrafine classifier + integration of automatic control, we have supplied ball mill plants for calcium carbonate ultra-fine powder to different customers. These wet grinding ball mills have different capacities ranging from 10,000 ton/year to 200,000 ton/year of 3.5-23μm product. Moreover,  they also is characteristics with the most advanced technology, best quality and stable performance. You can check the flow chart drawing to learn the ball mill working principle. With the primary classifier, you can get 3.5-23μm product. And if you need produce 2-3μm product, you can choose secondary or tertiary classifier.

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transport the ball mill
the wet ball mill machine
application of ball grinding mill

the industrial ball mill
the wet grinding ball mill

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How does a ball mill work

The bulk of the raw material is first crushed by a crusher to a size that can enter the small ball mill for sale. A batch ball mill consists of a hollow cylinder that rotates around its own axis, horizontally or at an angle. The cylinder is partially filled with balls made of steel and coated with refractory materials. Depending on the size of the balls the calcium can be ground into a coarse or fine powder. The internal wall of the cylinder is lined with an abrasive-resistant material, typically steel or rubber. Industrial ball mills are available in different sizes to suit production capacity needs.

Raw materials are fed into the grinder where it is rotated. As the cylinder turns the balls inside the mill are lifted and as they fall they impact the material. Through constant rotation and vibration, the limestone is ground to the desired size and discharged from the other end of the ball mill mining. The ground calcium is then pneumatically transported to the classifier. The ground calcium is graded by a separator and the coarse material is returned to the wet ball mill for re-grinding.

The finished powder is sent to a product silo before being uniformly packaged by an automatic baler for shipment.

Why choose our Daswell Machinery Company?

Our Daswell Machinery is the professional mineral processing equipment supplier that you can trust in India. We produce a variety of mineral processing plants, such as, ball mill grinder for sale, wet grinding mill, calcium carbonate coating machine, lime hydration plant, vertical lime kiln, etc. Why should you choose our Daswell Machinery? There are three main reasons, namely, reliable ball rolling mill, competitive ball mill price list and considerate after-sale service.

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For the heavy equipment, the after-sale service is extremely important. From installation, training to maintenance, the reliable manufacturer will send the professional engineers to guide you. Or if you meet any problem, you also can contact us at any time. Our salesman will spar no efforts to help you deal with your problems.

Welcome to contact us to get the quotation of ball mill grinder for sale if you need it.

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